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PND100-800 Flat plate high speed wire reels

1.Dimension according to customer’s specification or GB4004-83,B/T7600,3-94,DIN46395 standard.
2.Mechanical finishing,high precision,dynamic balance test .
3.Apply for medium drawing machine,fine wire drawing machine and mini drawing machine.
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The Flat plate high speed wire reels is produced according to customer requirements or GB4004-83, JB/T8997.4-1999, DIN46395/DIN46397 standards.
The dynamic balance speed is 25m/s--50m/s.
High speed cable reel/wire reel is suitable for use in equipment such as cable, steel wire and non-steel wire, wire drawing, stranded wire, and bundle wire.
Steel cable reels in China the barrel should be circle and reformed after welded, and the welded surface shall be clean and without welding waste.To keep the figures of side plates, barrel and tolerance between them, the bobbin shall be point and then weld together.Cable reels for sale the roughness of axis box is G6.3.
Buy high speed wire/cable reels online in China, copper wire basket, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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