Function of cable reels

 The cable reel is a reel that provides the function of winding wires and cables for industrial and mining enterprises, which not only improves the production environment, but also improves the production efficiency.
 The cable reel is greatly affected by external forces such as the environment, so the ability to resist external forces (and the material of the cable reel) is an important criterion for measuring a cable reel. There is a high temperature blocking safety device. The cable reel is equipped with an overheating and overload protector, and an electromagnetic leakage protector with double insurance. When the temperature of the cable reel is too high, the power is automatically cut off to protect the cable reel to prevent fire. Especially in the hot summer, after being "washed" by high temperature and rain, unqualified cables are extremely susceptible to spontaneous combustion and leakage, which is extremely dangerous. Cable reels have a variety of applications. Cable reels for different purposes have different requirements for various indicators of the cable reels. For example, high-insulation and high-temperature resistant cable reels are required in high-temperature places; explosion-proof cable reels are required in environments with low safety factors; Different types of cable reels, such as tripods, trolleys, and wheeled vehicles, may be required in different work situations.
       Our main products are: wire and cable machine turnover reels, delivery reels, flat iron shafts, steel wire spools and various ABS plastic reels, etc. We can develop, design and manufacture various non-standard products according to customer needs. . The company's products are widely used in ultra-high voltage, medium and low voltage, cross-linked, power cables, optical fiber cables, data communication cables, steel cords, steel wire ropes and other fields, and are equipped with major electrical equipment manufacturers, and are favored by customers.