PND630 double layer high speed bobbin

PND630 double layer high speed bobbin

HSC large metal cable reels,metal wire reels suppliers use of strengthen steel plate,stamping,welding,mechanical semi-finishing and dynamic balance test.Good rigidity,high precision and intensity,smooth high speed operation.

  • Product No.: 20181020113540


PND630 Double layer high speed reel
1.The metal cable spool are dynamically balanced for speed from 20m/s to 50m/s.
2.Suitable for drawing, stranding and bunching of cable and different type of wires like steel, copper or aluminum wires.
3.The reel's production and dimensions are according to customer’s specification or international industry standards,DIN 46395 and DIN 46397 standards.
4.There are optional requirements like fully machined or semi machined.
5.All our steel cable drum accept customized production, like labeling, numbering or marking weight on it.

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