Function Of Plastic Bobbin

The function of plastic bobbin

Plastic cable bobbin is made of special engineering plastics through injection molding,with features of high precision, advanced structure, side plate reinforcement, good balance performance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, balance accuracy up to 6.3. The overall structure is plastic and metal combination, to ensure the requirements of shaft holes and electrical conductivity, product parts can be replaced, easy maintenance.
Plastic cable spool is mainly used in the process of cable receiving and releasing; data communication cable in series, twisted, cable forming and other production process receiving and releasing; suitable for RF cable, wire and cable high-speed knitting machine take-up, high-speed winch take-up and release, extruder take-up and release, winding machine take-up and release Line and so on. It is also suitable for importing and exporting high-speed lines domestic and abroad.
The quality control of plastic cable drum is precise and strict, leading to similar products in China.