To know a bobbin

To know a wire bobbin

A cable bobbin is also called as cable bobbin,cable spool,wire reels,cable drum is a tool for winding wire, wire rope or cables.
According to the material and specifications of filament winding, the specifications and materials of bobbin are also different. A bobbin wound with steel wires are generally made of steel plates, but wooden cable bobbins can be used for winding fine wires and non-ferrous wires. The demand of plastic bobbins is increasing.
The ratio of the outside diameter of the bobbin to the inner diameter and the net width is usually 1:0.4:0.6. The finished bobbin for wire rope are larger, according to the thickness of wire rope, there are wooden bobbins, iron-wood bobbins,steel bobbins. The outer diameter of the large wooden bobbin or the iron wood bobbin used for the wire rope is 6m. The steel bobbin used for semi finished steel wire is usually large outside diameter and small in width.
The capacity V of the bobbin can be calculated according to the following formula: V = B (D2-d2) *0.7854 *7.85K; V is the capacity of the I-wheel, g; B is the net width of the I-wheel, cm; D is the outer diameter of the bobbin, cm; D is the inner diameter of the bobbin, cm; K is the density coefficient of wire winding.
Product features
Steel bobbins: welded by strengthened thick plates, NTC, YA-40, etc., and checked by dynamic balance of machining, high strength, high stiffness, high speed operation and good stability.
Plastic bobbins: Plastic cable spool use special engineering plastic injection molding,with high precision, advanced structure, side plate reinforcement, good balance performance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, balance accuracy up to 6.3. The overall structure is plastic, metal matching, to ensure the shaft hole requirements and electrical conductivity, product parts can be replaced, easy maintenance, generally according to customer equipment requirements, can do different strength precision of the bobbin, the disadvantage is, take-off and release line meters long, will cause flange deformation due to large capacity.
PN series recycling bobbin is mainly used in the process of fiber optic cable's receiving and releasing; data communication cable in series, twisted, cable forming and other production process receiving and releasing; suitable for RF cable, wire and cable high-braided machine receiving, high-winding machine receiving and releasing, extruder receiving and releasing, winding machine receiving and releasing. Steel bobbins are mainly used for retracting and releasing products with finer diameter, and the precision requirements are very high, such as 0.07 MM-0.2 MM and other wires.
It is suitable for the high-speed take-up process of the production line in domestic and abroad. The product quality control is precise and strict, leading to similar products in China.
Product usage
Wire drawing, copper plating, annealing, stranding, armoring, cable forming and so on in wire and cable and wire welding industry. In recent years, it is mainly used for rubber tube steel wire, spring steel wire, cutting steel wire and other take-up and release wire.