How to select a cable drum

How to select a cable drum?

Cable drum spooler continue to appear in the market, the style is now full of beautiful, so we asked to understand the characteristics of the cable drums, we can know how to pick it.
Cable drum turntable and explosion-proof plug housing is cast aluminum alloy, surface spray with plastic; inside can be installed with leakage protection small circuit breaker; plug has split and close instructions, the plug grounding contact is longer than the main contact, the plug is inserted when grounding plug first, when pulling off, grounding contact after disconnection; socket and plug are equipped with interlocking device, power failure rear. It can be plugged and pulled; Cable reel drums are flexible to rotate and move with brackets and running wheels, easy to move; cable length standard configuration is 30 meters; cable wiring.
After knowing the characteristics of the cable drum roller, is it clearer about how to select?