Collapsible wire reel

Collapsible wire reel

Jiangsu Shanchuan(HSC)is recognized as the leading brand and one of the largest Collapsible wire reel and cable spool reels manufacturer in China.

  • Product No.: 202111711152


Collapsible steel wire rope reel:
Application: Packing of steel wire, aluminum wire, copper wire and finished cable on the wire reel.
Function: Wind the wire on this reel, and pack it with packing tape directly on the reel. After packing, disassemble the wire reel, and let the coil take off to form a finished coil.
Occasion of use: coil packaged products are directly sold or used in the next process.
Advantages: large amount of packaging at one time on the cable drum, easy to use, light and energy-saving, and improve the work efficiency of workers.

collapsible cable drum


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